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How to cook Tyson popcorn chicken in air fryer?

Tyson popcorn chicken AIR FRYER

How to air fry Tyson popcorn chicken? Popcorn Chicken, the Absolute beloved snack meal of everybody. The crunchy, juicy, tendering popcorn chicken resembles kernels of popped corn, that’s why they are named Popcorn Chicken. Whenever I want some tender snacks I just make Tyson Any’tizers popcorn chicken. Some days I have them in my lunch […]

How to air fry frozen egg rolls

Air Fry Frozen Egg Rolls

How to cook frozen egg rolls in the air fryer? Egg rolls being the yummiest are served as appetizers and snacks. Almost everybody loves to have them. Some people claim that egg rolls are not a healthy meal option. Yes, that is true only if you go for deep-fried egg rolls. So question is, is […]

Do Air Fryers Really Use Oil?

Do air fryers use oil

Air fryers are a healthier alternative to deep fryers because they use less fat in cooking your food. Many deep-fried recipes call for up to 3 cups (750mL) of oil, while air-fried foods may require as little as 1 tablespoon (15mL). This means that deep fryers use up to 50 times more oil than air […]

Best Recipe to Air fry Potato Wedges

air fry potato wedges

The Easiest Way to Make Air fryer Potato Wedges  Potato wedges are undoubtedly everyone’s favorite snack food. The taste and the crispiness is the obvious reason. And the most common way of preparing potato wedges is either baking or deep frying them. But you know what, there is another amazing way as well to make […]