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Why does my air fryer smell?

Why does my air fryer smell

The smell coming from your air fryer is likely caused by food particles and oil residue that have accumulated in the machine. This smell can be quite intense, especially if you rarely empty the tray or basket of your air fryer. To prevent this unpleasant odor, it’s important to clean the air fryer regularly to […]

Can You Put Aluminum Foil In An Air Fryer?

Can You Put Aluminum Foil In An Air Fryer

Putting Aluminum foil in the air fryer, is it Ok? Good question! And the answer is YES! Why? For plenty of genuine reasons. Being an air fryer enthusiast myself, I have been using the foil in my air fryer while cooking and I’m more than satisfied with it. That’s why,  in this post, I’ve broken […]