COSORI Air Fryer Max XL

Time saver, low calorie, and convenience are the prime benefits of air-fried foods. The trend toward using air fryers is increasing day by day. With the increasing trend, companies have increased their production as well. There are so many brands and so many companies manufacturing air fryers. In a nutshell, how do you select the best one when the market has so many options? How can you choose the right air fryer so that your investment doesn’t go in vain? Imagine investing your savings in an air fryer and discovering that neither it can air fry properly nor it is easy to wash. That sounds like a nightmare, right? I know.

So what’s the solution then? How do you pick the best pick? 

Don’t worry, I know the best pick! That’s why I came up with the best air fryer for 2022 and that is the COSORI air fryer max xl 5.8 quart. It has all the features and qualities that make it Genuinely the best option!

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I have compiled all the specifications and features that make the Cosori air fryer the perfect choice for your perfect kitchen. Besides that, I have rounded up an ultimate guide for buying an air fryer. So let’s get started now!

Cosori Air Fryer Max XL 5.8 Quart

cosori max xl 5.8 qt air fryer

The Specifications:   

 Model Name Air Fryer Max XL
 Capacity 5.8 Quarts
 Color Black, Red, White
 Item Weight 11.9 Pounds
 Fryer Dimensions L x W x H

 (handle included)

11.8 x 14.3 x 12.7 in /

30 x 36.3 x 32.3 cm  

 Fryer Dimensions L x W x H

 (without handle)

11.8 x 11.8 x 12.7 in /

30 x 30 x 32.3 cm 

 Basket Dimension L x W x H  9.5 x 9 x 3.75 in /

24.1 x 22.9 x 9.6 cm 

 Power Supply (for US/CA )  AC 120V, 60Hz 
 Rated Power 1700W 

What makes the COSORI air fryer max xl 5.8 quart the BEST CHOICE?

Cosori air fryer max xl 5.8 QT has all the qualities that should be in an effective air fryer- quicker to air fry than usual fryers, square basket that allows more pieces to get cooked, super easy to use, and whatnot.

To put it concisely, the Cosori air fryer has so many features that make it stand out from all other air fryers available in the market.

Why COSORI Air Fryer 5.8 Quart is Recommended:

1. It is Extremely Easy to Use

It has 13-one touch cooking functions that make it super easy to use. Your air-fried food is just one click away while using a Cosori air fryer. Not only that but also it gives hints along the way. So air frying and the use of an air fryer is easy when you have a Cosori air fryer!

2. It Has the Classy Look

First things first, I know we all give importance to aesthetic sense to some extent and the Cosori air fryer has got your back in this regard too. The shiny Black color gives an utmost classy and sassy look. Besides that, it is available in red and white colors as well. So go for the color which suits your kitchen theme the most! Moreover, the brushed matte finish and the shiny texture made it exceptionally beautiful.

3. It Allows Cooking In One Go

Cosori air fryer max xl 5.8 QT basket is in square shape allowing more space for the food items to get cooked. With its spacious 5.8-quart square basket, the air fryer can fit a whole 5-pound chicken. Furthermore, the corner space allows for greater cooking flexibility and capacity than round-designed baskets. Therefore, it can air fry enough food for 3 to 5 people at a time.

Cosori air fryer max xl 5.8-quart

4. It Fries with 85% less Fat

What is more amazing than eating fried food without actually frying them. With Cosori air fryer max XL 5.8 QT , it is made possible. You can enjoy your favorite food without the guilt of high-calorie intake because with air frying in a Cosori air fryer you can have that same crisp but with fewer calories. You can air fryer using less than a teaspoon of oil using Cosori air fryer. In this way, all those food items which are supposed to be deep-fried can be enjoyed without having a cost to your health.

 5. It saves your food from overcooking/burning

COSORI air fryer has this auto-shutoff feature that ensures the utmost safety avoiding any unwanted happenings like burnt food or overcooking. Basically, when the basket is removed, the Cosori air fryer automatically stops cooking. Also, after 3 minutes of inactivity, it shut off immediately. So this again is another really important feature that only COSORI air fryer has.

6. You don’t need to do cooking math

COSORI air fryer selection at a touch feature gets the food cooked without you doing calculations of time and temperature. It has easy-to-use presets with which you can enjoy a simple one-touch selection with one button instead of cycling through lots of options.

A lot of Additional Amazing Features

  • Keep Warm Feature

When your food is air fried and you are busy taking out the sauces or side dishes, don’t panic that your food will burn or overcook. Instead, after the set time for frying, it has the additional feature of keeping the food warm. Something like a double advantage -an absolute amazing feature ensuring your convenience!

  • Shake Reminder

There is a built-in cooking assistance feature in the COSORI air fryer which is one other reason making it a prime choice. Basically, this feature reminds you to shake the baskets. So if you are a lost-minded person (like me), this is your reason to opt for Cosori air fryer. In case you forget to shake the baskets by yourself, you can use this feature and your food will turn out to be fried perfectly.

  • Adjustable Temperature & Time 

As per the nature of different foods, different things require different temperatures and times for perfect cooking. COSORI air fryer allows you to adjust both the temperature and time that is required for perfect cooking. So don’t need to bother anymore about trying out different things and worrying about that fixed time and temperature most the air fryers have. Because now with COSORI air fryer you can adjust both the time and temperature as per your own choices and preferences.

The increase/decrease values are given as:

  • Temperature: 170°F -400°F
  • Time: 1- 60 minutes

Pros & Cons

  • Nice design and clean features.
  • Well guided manuals about the usage.
  • Comes with NTC sensor for accurate time and temperature.
  • Non Stick Coating.
  • Faster and even cooking.
  • Comes with no additional accessories.
  • Noisy during cooking.

Summing it up!

It is always better to invest a single time instead of buying poor quality stuff and then rebuying it. So going for COSORI air fryer Max XL 5.8QT is like a one-time investment so why opt for low-quality products and spend again and again when with a Cosori air fryer you can make a single-time investment. Also, considering its so many advanced features, it is not expensive at all. 

With the fast-paced life where we all are busy, facing difficulty spending time on cooking, there is no other choice left other than to buy an air fryer. That’s why I have come up with the most efficient and reliable air fryer option for you. Give it a shot and you’ll be amazed at how amazing it is! 

Below are some of the best recipes to try in your new COSORI 5.8 QT air fryer: