Chefman vs ninja air fryer comparison

Comparison between Ninja & Chefman Air Fryer. Which one is best?

Air fryers are becoming popular as people are looking for ways to healthier cooking methods. It uses lesser oil than traditional frying methods, and as a result, food cooked in an air fryer is generally lower in calories and fat. Additionally, air fryers can help preserve nutrients in food since they don’t require the food to be submerged in oil.

Meal preparation wasn’t an easy thing before the air fryer was invented. Today Air Fryers have made it fast and easy. Air fryers are used for cooking a variety of foods, including chicken, fish, vegetables, and even some desserts. Having this kitchen appliance, you can cook various meals for your guest in no time.

Among air fryers, there are a lot of brands and for someone new to air fryers will be confused which one to choose, so I have made your job a little easier by making a comparison. I’ll be comparing two of the most well-known brands, Ninja and Chefman, in today’s post.

NINJA AF161 Max XL Air Fryer Vs. CHEFMAN Large Air Fryer Max XL 8 Qt

If you’ve decided to buy between two popular brands that are Ninja Air Fryers and Chefman air fryers. I have chosen one popular air fryer from each brand and those are Ninja AF161 Max Air Frayer and Chefman max XL 8 Qt. Air Fryer. This informative review will help you decide which air fryer is better for you. Let’s start with NINJA AF161 Max XL Air Fryer.

NINJA AF161 Max XL Air Fryer

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The NINJA AF161 Max XL Air Fryer is the perfect choice for those who want a high-performance air fryer that can do it all. This air fryer can handle any cooking task with a large capacity of 5.5 Qt. and powerful heating element.

ninja af161 air fryer

Here are some of the most demanding features of NINJA AF161;

Large Capacity

The Ninja air fryer has a 5.5 quart capacity, making it large enough to feed a family.

Frying Power

The 1,750-watt heating element ensures that food cooks quickly and evenly.

Extra Crispy Food

It has max crisp technology that ensures cooking with extra crispy texture that you will love.

Versatile Functions

It comes with 7 different cooking programs that are bake , reheat, dehydrate, air fry, max crisp, air broil and air roast. Making it possible for you to cook your loved food with a press of button.

This versatile appliance can do it all, from appetizers to desserts. The classical display makes it easy to use.

This is alos a beginer friendly air fryer and it makes easy for you to get started with air frying. If you’re looking for a multitasking air fryer that can do it all, the NINJA AF161 Max XL Air Fryer is perfect.

Pros & Cons

  • Easy to clean
  • Works quietly and efficiently
  • Takes less counterspace
  • Faster cooking
  • Non stick coating
  • Buttons are slightly harder to press

CHEFMAN Large Air Fryer Max XL 8 Qt

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This incredible air fryer is perfect for large families or groups. The CHEFMAN Large Air Fryer Max XL comes with various features that make it a top-of-the-line appliance. Let’s have a look at its features;

chefman max xl air fryer 8 qt.


CHEFMAN Large Air Fryer Max XL has a capacity of 8 quarts. This is enough to serve a large family or group of people.

Digital controls & Safety

The CHEFMAN Large Air Fryer Max XL has digital controls with user-friendly interface. The controls are located on the front side of the unit and are very user-friendly. I comes with cELT approved advanced safety technology making it long lasting and durable.


The CHEFMAN Large Air Fryer Max XL has a timer that can be set for 60 minutes . This is a great feature if you want to cook your food for a specific time.

Automatic shut-off

The CHEFMAN Large Air Fryer Max XL has an automatic shut-off feature when the timer expires. This is an amazing safety feature that prevents your food from overcooking.

Adjustable temperature

The CHEFMAN Large Air Fryer Max XL has an adjustable temperature ranging from 175 degrees Fahrenheit to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. This gives you the ability to cook your food at the perfect temperature.

Non-stick cooking basket

The CHEFMAN Large Air Fryer Max XL comes with a non-stick cooking basket. This is an amazing feature because it prevents your food from sticking to the basket and makes cleanup a breeze.

The CHEFMAN Large Air Fryer Max XL is a top-of-the-line appliance with various features that make it perfect for large families. Whether you’re looking to fry up some chicken wings or cook a healthy meal for your family, the CHEFMAN Large Air Fryer Max XL is sure to meet your needs.

Pros & Cons

  • 1-year warranty provided by Chefman
  • 1700 Watts/120 Volts Power Capacity
  • Advanced safety technology
  • LED shake reminder
  • Window to look in while cooking (with interior light!)
  • Takes more counterspace
  • Doesn’t comes with explicit directions regarding functions


In a Nutshell

In conclusion, both the Ninja AF161 and Chefman Max XL 8 QT. air fryers have their own merits, but the Ninja AF161 stands out for several reasons, making it the recommended choice for users.

Firstly, the Ninja AF161’s higher power rating of 1,750 watts, compared to Chefman Max XL’s 1,700 watts, results in faster preheating and cooking times. This difference in power can help save valuable time in the kitchen and lead to more efficient meal preparation.

Secondly, the temperature range provided by the Ninja AF161 is wider, spanning from 105°F to 450°F, while the Chefman Max XL offers a range of 200°F to 400°F. This broader temperature range allows for greater versatility in cooking, enabling users to explore a wider array of recipes and techniques, such as dehydrating fruits and vegetables at lower temperatures or searing meats at higher temperatures.

One of the unique features of the Ninja AF161 is its Max Crisp Technology, which promotes faster cooking and achieves extra-crispy results by circulating super-heated air around the food. This technology sets it apart from the competition and is particularly useful for users who enjoy crispy textures in their meals.

Moreover, the Ninja AF161 offers 6-in-1 cooking options, including air fry, roast, broil, bake, reheat, and dehydrate, providing users with flexibility in their meal planning. In comparison, the Chefman Max XL has 8 preset cooking options but lacks some of the unique features of the Ninja AF161, such as the Max Crisp Technology and dehydrate function.

Although the Ninja AF161 is generally priced slightly higher than the Chefman Max XL, its performance capabilities, broader temperature range, and unique features justify the investment. By opting for the Ninja AF161, users can enjoy a versatile and efficient appliance that helps them cook healthier meals with less oil, making it an excellent choice for health-conscious individuals and families.

Frequently Asked Question

1- What Cannot be cooked in Air fryer?

Ans. Air fryers are great for cooking up a variety of food, but here are some examples of food that cannot be cooked in an air fryer:

  • Food with wet batter
  • Cheese
  • Fresh Green Vegetables
  • Large Food Items
  • Food that needs to be cooked at a very high temperature

2- Can you put raw meat in Air fryer?

Ans. You can cook raw meat in an Air fryer, but it is important to note that the cooking time may be longer than if you were to cook the meat in a conventional oven.

3- Do steaks Brown in an air fryer?

Ans. Yes, steak do get brown in an air fryer. To ensure even browning, cook the steak on one side for a few minutes before flipping it over. You may need to change the cooking time depending on the thickness of the steak and your desired level of doneness.

Factors to consider before buying Air Frayer

Air fryers became a popular kitchen appliance in recent years. They provide a better alternative to deep-frying and cook a variety of foods.

While hundreds of Air Fryers available, finding the best one can be tough. If you’re looking for the best air fryer, here are some things to keep in mind:

●    Size

Air fryers come in a range of sizes, from small personal models to large ones that can feed a family. Consider how many people you mostly cook for when choosing an air fryer size.

●    Features

Some air fryers come with additional features like the ability to roast, bake, or even grill. If you want an air fryer that can do it all, look for one with extra functions.

●    Price

Air fryers range in price from around $30 to $400. Choose the best model for your budget, considering that higher-priced models usually have more features and larger capacities.

Now that you know what to look for in an air fryer let us present our top picks for the best air fryers on the market.