Do air fryers cause cancer?
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Do air fryers cause cancer?

I was just surfing the internet, and suddenly I saw this topic occurring before me: “Do air fryers cause cancer?” and I myself was a bit shocked to see this question.

So, I thought to do some deep research and come up with my findings.

This question may have been raised in your mind if you are also one of health-conscious persons.

But the truth is no; air fryers do not cause cancer. 

Air fryers are considered as a more healthier version of cooking as they reduce the fact content and use of excess oils. It has a fan and heating element that will throw hot air on food, and the food will start cooking.

It is a very healthy cooking method that does not involve any of the carcinogenic compounds found in oil-based frying. 

Additionally, air fryers do not use extreme levels of heat as traditional deep fryers do but rather cooks food on more moderate temperature.

Link between air fryers and cancer- The Truth

If we see the statistics, first, this is just a myth, not a researched based fact. Air Fryers have been around us since 2010, and I haven’t heard a single person who has been using air fryers ever reported this problem.

I have personally been using air fryers for quite a while now, and I am satisfied with their performance.

I have even heard doctors recommending air fryers over deep fryers as a healthier alternative to cooking.

And if I talk about research on this subject, there is no research that evidently can state air fryers cause cancers.

So, for those of you who are worried about this myth, so just relax and no need to worry about and you can continue the use of your air fryers.

Now let’s discuss what actually causes cancer and the ways you should avoid using air fryers, not because they cause cancer but because incorrectly using them can make you sick. And this is not with just air fryers; any cooking appliance used in an incorrect manner can cause the food to be unhealthy and unevenly cooked.

What is the actual cause of cancer?

According to Mayo Clinic, below are some of potential reasons for cancer:

1- Smoking

2- Excessive sun exposure

3- Excessive use of processed foods

4- Excessive use of alcohol

Below are some of the symptoms of cancer:

1- Unintended weight loss or gain

2- Consistent digestion problem

3- Skin color change

4- Difficulty in swallowing

5- Difficulty in breathing 

According to Healthline, when it comes to food try to avoid below things:

1- Avoid using processed meat

2- Avoid deep-fried items

3- Also, avoid consuming overcooked foods

So, after analysis, it is better to say rather than an appliance, it’s the incorrect food and incorrect use that may increase the risk of cancer.

Is it air fryers or your food that causes cancer

According to “Takashi Sugimura,” a researcher and expert from Direct Science, he says:

When it comes to the incidence of cancer, food plays an important role in many countries and regions. We can look at food with respect to two components when connecting it to cancer: macro- and micro-components. While the former tends to have a more indirect action, the latter often has an explicitly defined influence; for example, it might function as a genotoxic agent. Moving beyond these categorizations of food components, we can recognize that certain foods can also manifest both positive (carcinogenic) and negative (preventive) effects.

 In terms of increased risk for cancer, high calorie intake appears to be a major factor, particularly in affluent nations where fat-rich foods are common staples. As such, researchers believe that diets heavy on lipid-laden items and are associated with high levels of breast, colon, and prostate cancers.

Avoid the Wrong use of Air Fryers

According to readers digest, avoid using below mistakes when using an air fryer:

1- Excess Use of Oil

The main purpose of air fryers is to reduce fat content. Primarily, you should not use any oil when cooking with air fryers. Some people recommend using a teaspoon of oil, which is fine to understand, but any more use of oil should be avoided at all costs.

2- Lack of cleaning

During the use of air fryers, it’s quite essential to consider cleaning as a major part of the process. Many people are unaware that an unclean air fryer will not only produce less-than-ideal food – it can actually be dangerous and unhealthy. Therefore, it’s important to make sure the air fryer is thoroughly cleaned before and after every use. This includes wiping down surfaces after each meal and making sure no grease or oil is left on any surface. 

3- Light Food

One mistake people commonly make when using an air fryer is forgetting that items can fly around inside while they’re cooking. Things such as light vegetables like beet greens or parsley have been known to get caught up in the heating coil, resulting in burning and triggering the smoke alarm- not just ruining your dish but also filling your home with smoke.

Advantages and Disadvantages of air fryers


  • Easy to use
  • Cleaning is a breeze
  • Portable
  • Allows plenty of cooking options
  • Healthier than deep frying
  • Uses very less oil


  • Sometimes makes the food dry
  • Limited cooking space
  • Not ideal for every dish
  • Can be expensive

Sum Up

So, to put it simply, the rumor that air fryers cause cancer is just a myth. Air fryers have been around for almost 10 years, and there has been no evidence of users being diagnosed with cancer as a result of using an air fryer. In fact, many doctors recommend using an air fryer instead of deep-frying as a healthier cooking alternative. Research also does not support nor reject the claim that air fryers cause cancer. Therefore, for anyone who has been concerned about this allegation, rest assured that you can use your air fryer without worry or guilt.

Instead, you should focus your attention on learning what actually causes cancer and how you can protect yourself from it. Eating a balanced diet, exercising regularly, and getting regular check-ups are some key steps that everyone can take to minimize their chances of getting cancer in the future.


Are air fryers toxic?

Air fryers are not toxic. Air frying is much more effective than deep frying; this is because using an air fryer reduces the amount of acrylamide by more than 70% as compared to deep frying.

Acrylamide chemical compound is released when foods are cooked at high temperatures for extended periods of time and causes a risk of cancer. As an air fryer cooks food more quickly and without adding additional oil or fat, it maintains the food's nutrient content while reducing potential cancer compounds. 

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