How much electricity does an air fryer use?
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How much electricity does an air fryer use?

Air fryers are becoming a popular kitchen appliance for health-conscious individuals and those looking to cut down on their food’s fat content.

The electricity use of air fryers depends on the air fryer model and capacity. But on average, an air fryer uses between 1300-1800 Watts of electricity, which works out to about 1/3 to 1/2 of the electricity that a conventional oven uses.

In terms of kwh, a typical air fryer will use electricity from 1.3 kwh to 1.8 kwh per hour of use.

While the wattage used by air fryers can vary based on size and model, most remain around this range.

Factors affecting electricity usage of air fryers


 No matter what type of air fryer you’re looking at, one thing that’s certain is the size will have a direct effect on how much electricity it needs. The bigger the frying chamber, the more power it will draw to heat up the contained environment to cook your food.

It makes sense that if you need to cook more food in one go, you’ll need a bigger fryer with a greater airflow capacity – and that means using more electricity in the process.

 2-Usage Time

 The second factor that affects how much electricity an air fryer uses is the amount of time it is used.

While it is quick to prepare your food in a deep fryer, air fryers take a little time to keep going.  Which will obviously add to your bill.

So if you’re looking to save on costs, consider shortening your usage time by pre-heating and cooking at the right temperature for the right amount of time.

 3-Your living area and electricity cost

 In different states and areas, electricity costs can vary significantly, which means that the rate in your area will affect how much you pay for electricity when using the air fryer.

Additionally, information about typical energy use for some of the more popular models is also available online. So, you can check out for more specific and precise info.

 4-Type of food

 The type of food you are cooking in air fryer will also affect its electricity usage.

The amount of electricity consumed depends on two variables; how much you are cooking and, and how long you are cooking.

For instance, time for cooking frozen food will be different than cooking normal food.  Also quantity you cook in one time also affects the usage and overall electricity usage.

As an example, it might take 15 minutes to cook single chicken breast in your air fryer, while cooking whole chicken may take 20-25 minutes.

Electricity usage comparison: Air fryers vs Microwave

Comparing an oven and an air fryer, it’s easy to see why an air fryer is the more energy-efficient choice. By circulating hot air around food, the air fryer cooks food quickly and completely – meaning you don’t have to use as much electricity as you would with an oven.

1-Preheat Requirement

Normally people do prefer preheating the appliance before cooking. But still food can be cooked well even without the need of preheating.

But if you compare preheat timings, an air fryer will get preheated quickly within 3-4 mins. On the other side oven will take twice the time and will be preheated around 8-10 mins, resulting in additional use of electricity.

2-Cooking Time

Air fryers are an incredibly convenient and are very fast to prepare food. Compared to traditional ovens, air fryers can cook food twice as quickly without compromising on taste, texture or nutrition.

This means that in a fraction of the time you can have your meal on the table with significantly reduced electricity costs. Not only do air fryers save time and energy but also give clean, foolproof results every single time. This makes them ideal for busy people who don’t have to heat up their whole kitchen by turning on an oven and then cooking food.

See the table below for examining difference in cook timings.

Food TypeRequired Temperature- Air FryerCooking Time – Air FryersRequired Temperature- OvenCooking Time –  Oven
Frozen Chicken Wings400 F20 Mins400 F45 Mins
Frozen Fish Fillets400 F20 Mins400 F30 Mins
Bacon350 F15 Mins400 F20 Mins
Green Beans400 F10 Mins425 F18 Mins
Potato Wedges380 F30 Mins400 F35 Mins
Frozen Sweet Potato Fries375 F20 Mins400 F25 Mins


How many amps does a air fryer use?

Again, I would have to say, it will depend capacity and size of the air fryer. But as a general answer high-power air fryers tend to use around 15-16 amps of power when they’re running, while smaller models require anywhere between 9 and 12 amps.

This drastically depends on how large and powerful the fryer is, meaning you really need to double-check the brand and product specifications before you buy.

How you can save electricity while using air fryer?

Try following below tips in order to save the electricity consumption using an air fryer:

  • First make sure to purchase an air fryer that will suit your needs. If you are a family of couple of persons than there is no need to buy a bulky model.
  • In case if you have large family, then try purchasing an air fryer with multiple cooking containers. This way you can cook multiple food in same time.
  • Look for models that have wattage settings.
  • Another ways to save energy while using your air fryer is to make sure that foods are thawed before putting them in the device. Having them partially frozen will require more time and energy than what’s needed if they’re completely ready, which comes with its own set of extra costs.
  • Pre-heat your air fryer for 2-3 mins before cooking in it. This will result in faster cooking.
  • Additionally, aiming for shorter cooking times whenever possible helps reduce expenses significantly compared to if you left it running for extended periods when not necessary.

 What is the maximum wattage range of air fryers?

High end powerful models have a wattage range between 1550- 1800 watts.

These models offer an impressive wattage range in between 1550- 1800 watts, which creates an incredibly impressive performance and crispiness that rivals deep-frying.

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