How to toast bread in air fryer
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How to toast bread in the air fryer?

Toasted bread has been one of the most widely taken breakfast items for ages. With time, the way it is made also changed- it started with a toaster, then toaster ovens took this place, and now air fryers!

Can you toast bread in an air fryer?

It is obvious that bread toast means the bread toasted in a toaster, but you know what, not necessarily!

It’s a matter of ease and convenience, basically. The easier it is, the more trends shift towards it. That’s why air fryers have taken the charge and are ruling in this regard.

Toasting bread in air fryers is not only easy but also quick comparatively.

What do you need To Make Toast Bread?

Ingredients Required To Toast Bread

The ingredients list is so small that we cannot even say it’s a list (lol), Just some slices of bread and that’s it.

Equipment Needed

Again, not a lengthy list: Just a good quality air fryer and you are good to go. I personally recommend Cosori max xl air fryer.

A step-by-step guide to toasting bread in an air fryer 

  • Take out the fryer’s basket and spray a little bit of cooking spray.
  • Add your bread slices into the air fryer’s basket.
  • Put the basket inside the fryer and set the temperature to  400° F for 4 minutes.
  • Remove the basket from fryer, let the bread cool down for a few seconds and then take it out in the plate.
  • And your toasted bread is ready to be enjoyed!

 Some Additional Tips to Air Fry Bread like a pro

  • Spraying oil on the baskets adds extra crispiness. In case you don’t have spray oil, you can simply brush some butter or any oil on the basket before air frying.
  • You can skip preheating the air fryer while toasting bread. No doubt, most air-fried recipes require a preheated basket but bread can be toasted well without following this step.
  • Toasting times depend on the air fryer and also on the thickness of the bread. So after 3-4 minutes, check if your bread is toasted well or not, most probably, it will be toasted perfectly but if you like a dark toast, air fry again for 1 more min.

Nutritional Benefits 

By toasting bread fat content is reduced. Calorie intake is lessened when you opt for bread toasted in the air fryer. Also, you can get double benefits by using brown bread instead of white.

Air fried brown bread fulfills your body’s carbs requirements in a healthy way and you can take it with other healthy options like avocados or bananas, so your body’s nutritional needs are fulfilled without putting in a lot of effort.

Ingredients to add after making bread toast

Now, this is something we can make a list for. Though you can include any toppings you like but I can give you some tempting suggestions like:

  • Your favorite fruit jam
  • Peanut butter
  • Cream cheese 
  • Mashed Avocados
  • A mix of butter and roasted black pepper
  • A mix of banana and nuts 
  • So on and so forth – anything that you enjoy.

What to serve with toasted Bread?

Best Toppings Options  

Again the smart choice is to include healthy options without any compromise on the taste. Some best toppings include:

  • Mashed Bananas mixed with some nuts
  • Peanut Butter and nuts, mixed together
  • Avocadoes mashed with green veggies or fruits like berries and pineapple
  • Strawberries mixed with Greek yogurt

Bread toast toppings

Some More toppings Ideas:

  • If you love spicy foods, mash avocado with a little bit of red chili and oregano and add a few drops of olive oil and spread it on your toasted bread, it tastes so good. Give it a try next time you make toast for breakfast.
  • If you have a sweet tooth (just like me), bananas mixed with honey are a perfect topping for you. It tastes so well, I cannot emphasize it enough.
  • If you want to have both sweet and tangy flavors, then you can have lemon curd spread on your toast. It goes really well on the crispy toasted bread slice. Give it a shot!
  • For kids, you can customize the toast topping by adding in fruits they won’t eat separately, but you can make them easily with toast as toppings. Be a little creative and improve the toast presentation so that the kids can’t resist having them.

Also, you can go for making a sort of sandwich by adding the mixture in between the bread slices. It will be easy for kids to enjoy. 

Best Spread Options

  • Marinate the mushrooms and mash them adding in a pinch of grounded black pepper, your perfect spread is ready!
  • Almond butter mixed with some bananas or pineapple slices is another yummiest option.
  • And the list goes on and on, and there is not any hard and fast rule. You can also customize it or modify it as per your taste so that you can get the utmost satisfaction!

And I know, if you are a chocolate lover, reading all these options and not seeing any suggestions including Nutella might have disappointed you. Haha, I know. So the thing is I have not forgotten to include this option, just like you I also love chocolate spread on my toast so Yeah, the last suggestion is that: you can also add Nutella to your toast as a topping (Lol).

Bread toast with spread

Drinks to be served with Toasted Bread 

It depends on your bread toppings and spreading. For example, if you have fruit toppings any juice will work for that. Some suggestions include:

  • If you have banana spreading, apple juice will work best with that as bananas are already rich so going for something light is better.
  • If you have just lemon curd as your toast toppings, you can go for some smoothies made of berries and chia seeds with that.
  • Any Milkshake (strawberries, bananas) works well with bread topping of mashed avocado.
  • For kids who run away from milk, be smart and serve them a chocolate shake with their favorite bread toast. Similarly, you can easily make them have nuts by including a nuts milkshake in their breakfast along with toasted bread and any chocolaty topping.
  • If you are struggling to lose weight, almond milk is the best drink option for you along with brown toasted bread and any nutritious topping like peanut butter on that. Going for green tea or white tea also works great.

And how can someone forget coffee while talking about side drinks with toasted bread? Moreover with breakfast, coffee is a must-have so you can go for coffee as a side drink with your toasted bread breakfast. The best thing is that it goes well no matter which toppings you have. Go for cold or hot coffee as per your preferences.

How to toast bread in air fryer
How to toast bread in the air fryer?
Ab ChaudharyAb Chaudhary
One of easiest and simplest tings to do in air fryer is to make toast in air fryer. You cant found any thing simple than that. Just a few steps and within a few mins your bread toast will be ready.
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Cook Time 4 minutes
Total Time 4 minutes
Servings 1


  • Air Fryer


  • 2-3 Loaves of Bread


  • Add 2-3 loaves of your favorite bread in air fryer.
  • Place the bread loaves in a single layer. Don't place bread loaves upon each other.
  • Set the temperature to 400 F.
  • Set the timer to 4 mins.
  • Turn the sides of brad loaves after 2 mins.
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Some FAQs About Bread Toast Made in Air Fryer 

1-Can an air fryer replace the toaster oven?

Good question! And the answer is Yes!

I personally prefer to invest in an air fryer instead of the toaster oven. Because, in an air fryer you can make a lot of other snacks and meals other than toasted bread. So why spend on toaster oven when the same purpose can be achieved through an air fryer in a much quicker and better way. Not only that, the air fryer can be used for other so many meal preps as well. So be smart! Opt for an air fryer instead of a toaster oven.

2-Which Air Fryer Makes the Best Toast?

I personally recommend a ultrean air fryer and chefman air fryer brands. Other options are cosori max xl and gowise air fryer.

Not only for bread toasting but also these air fryers can be used to make many other snacks and meals in the most effective way ensuring maximum crispiness and taste. Besides that, the large square basket allows you to make food for the whole family in a single go.

Auto shut-off option, shake reminders, keep warm features, and whatnot; these air fryer has all the qualities that makes them a must-have for enhancing your cooking experience.

3-What is the taste and texture of air-fried toast?

Toasting bread in an air fryer is something new so having reservations like how the toast will come out are natural. So for your satisfaction, let me tell you that bread toast made in an air fryer has the same crispiness as that of toast made in a toaster oven.

Besides that, it is comparatively quicker and super easy to toast bread in an air fryer as compared to using a toaster oven.

4-Is air-fried toast bread healthy?

 Air fried foods are always the best option you can opt for – no any added oils, comparatively low fats, and low calories. So, go for air frying everything that is supposed to be deep-fried. You have no idea how opting for this smart choice can bring amazing results to your health.

Wrapping Up!

Indulge in brown bread toasted using an air fryer and use all-natural organic toppings, and you’ve got yourself a healthy breakfast or snack meal!


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