Why does my air fryer smell
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Why does my air fryer smell?

The smell coming from your air fryer is likely caused by food particles and oil residue that have accumulated in the machine. This smell can be quite intense, especially if you rarely empty the tray or basket of your air fryer. To prevent this unpleasant odor, it’s important to clean the air fryer regularly to remove any built-up residue.

Bad plastic smell in the air fryer – Reasons & Solutions

One of the most common issues people have when using an air fryer is the smell of plastic that comes with it. To get rid of this odor, there are a few simple steps you can take.

First, clean the air fryer before and after each use. Make sure to remove any food particles or grease left over from the previous use. If there are any removable parts, make sure you clean them as well. This will help reduce the smell of plastic that comes with air fryers.

In this post, I have covered everything related to the plastic smell of air fryers and how to get rid of it. So, read on and you’ll find all the answers:

Why do new air fryers have a plastic smell?

New air fryers can be a great addition to your kitchen, but many people have noticed that when they begin using it, there is an unpleasant plastic smell. This smell isn’t harmful or indicative of any problems with the appliance itself—it is simply due to the fact that all new appliances are made from plastics which emit small amounts of gases as they heat up. This is known as “off-gassing”, and while it can be an unpleasant experience, the smell will usually dissipate within a few weeks of regular use. To help speed up this process, you can run your air fryer on its highest setting for a few minutes before using it to cook, as this will help to burn off any remaining gases. Additionally, you can choose to use a scented air freshener or leave bowls of baking soda near the appliance for a few days to absorb odors. With these simple steps, you can ensure that your new air fryer is free from any unwanted smells and ready for delicious cooking!

Reasons for Plastic Odor in New air fryers

There are many reasons behind , some include:

Melting of Protective Coating

There is a protective coating on air fryers. When the air fryer is first used, this coating starts to burn and emits a plastic-like odor. After a few uses, this layer usually burns away completely and stops giving off a bad smell.

Improper Cleaning 

An air fryer that isn’t cleaned after every use also results in a bad odor. Besides regular cleaning after every use, you should go for deep cleaning of the whole air fryer at least twice in a month to ensure the proper functioning air fryer. This aids in avoiding bad plastic smell as well.

Smell from the heating element

Air fryers have a heating element on the top. While air frying, food particles may begin to assemble in this region over time. As the hot air moves about, that may eventually release a burning foul odor.

How to get rid of the air fryer plastic smell?

Follow the below methods to get rid of bad plastic odor in the air fryers:

Methods to get rid of unpleasant air fryer smell

Method # 1:Empty Running of new Air Fryer

Before using an air fryer to cook food, several brands of air fryers recommend heating it up to 400° F for 20 minutes on the empty cycle. 

In this way, the plastic will burn off instead of melting into what you are cooking.

Method # 2: Proper Cleaning

The removable pieces of most air fryers(basket, tray, or pan) can typically go in the dishwasher. First, gently scrape the tiny food particles before putting them in the dishwasher after every usage.

Then, after it has cooled, wipe down the entire interior and exterior each time using a wet sponge or damp cloth and possibly a small amount of dish soap.

I also follow this cleaning method for my air fryer and it works great.

Method # 3: DIY To Freshen Up air fryer

Take a small air fryer-safe bowl and put 1/4 cup of lemon juice and 1/4 cup of white vinegar in it. Put the mixture in air fryer.  Now, set the air fryer temperature to 400° F for 2-3 minutes. It will remove all the unwanted smells.

You can follow this cleaning method many times a year, it will keep the air fryer clean, avoiding all the bad odors due to food particles and plastic meltdown.

Some Expert Tips to avoid foul smell in the air fryer

  • Never use any harsh cleaners or bleach for your air fryer cleaning.
  • Avoid using utensils to scrape the food particles in the basket, Instead, use a gentle scrub. You can also soak the basket in warm water for a few minutes. It will make the stuck food particles soften and they will be removed easily afterward.
  • Line the basket’s bottom with aluminum foil. It will keep the basket clean and avoid any foul smell because everything that drips off your dish will be caught by the aluminum foil. Thus, very little mess will be on the fryer’s basket; eventually less possibility of any unpleasant smell.

Looking for an odor-free air fryer?

COSORI Air Fryer Max XL 5.8 Quart is the best choice when looking for a legit odor-free air fryer.

It’s ready-to-use and odor-free right out of the box! 

Check it out, you are definitely going to love it, I’m sure.

What is BPA anyway?

A chemical called BPA is used to make some kinds of plastics. Water bottles, for example, are often made of such plastics. But this is harmful as it contains many hormone-disrupting chemicals, therefore should be avoided.

So before buying, always make sure to check if the air fryer is BPA-free or not.

Final Thoughts On Getting Rid Of Plastic Odor in the Air fryer

The plastic smell in the air fryer is unbearable but is temporary and can go away by following some simple tips. Cleaning the air fryer regularly is the key to avoid any kind of unpleasant smell coming from the air fryer.

When you take good care of your air fryer from the start and keep it clean after every use, it will live a longer life making delicious air-fried foods for you without producing any bad odors!


Why does my air fryer smell like chemicals?

As baskets of air fryers have some proportion of plastic in them, during the first few uses, it creeps up giving bad chemicals like odor in the food and sometimes around the kitchen as well. But, you can easily get rid of it by running the empty air fryer a few times before you cook in it for the first time.

How to get the fish smell out of the air fryer?

To get rid of the fish smell, turn the air fryer off after using it and let it cool. Remove and wash the fryer’s basket with warm water and dish soap. Let the basket dry overnight. And with a soapy cloth clean the interior of the fryer. That's it, reassemble your air fryer again for use after the baskets are thoroughly dried.

Is air fryer plastic smell safe?

Yes, air fryers are made of plastic and may have a slight odor when first used. However, this is totally safe to use in your kitchen and won't harm you or your family. Most modern air fryers are made with food-safe materials that don't emit toxins and chemicals into the air. The odor is simply due to the plastic materials used in the construction of the air fryer, and it dissipates quickly after initial use. Furthermore, many air fryers are designed with special ventilation systems to reduce odors and minimize any potential smells that may arise during cooking.

Do all air fryers have a plastic smell?

No, not all air fryers have a bad plastic smell.
Metal air fryers won't smell as strongly as plastic air fryers that are made with a high proportion of plastic. Thus, look for air fryers with a basket made with a higher proportion of metal than plastic.


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